Six word story # 31

I wish my memory was weak


Random thoughts #3

At times we prefer to live in the past

As memories are the only source of heartfelt joy

Life becomes so hard all of a sudden

We’ll have to bury the tears behind the smirk

Eventhough future is never gonna be the same without our loved ones.

Six word stories so far

30. You’re gone, mind confirmed. Heart refused.

29. Books or Roses? I choose both.

28.They’d special dinner. Beggar waited outside.

27. sometimes, everything is just a lie.  

26. My love proposal; I value you.

25. Message sent. Wish I could delete

24.first meet. Never felt like it.

23.I’d love only yourself. proved love hurts the most.

21.Distance seperated us. But love remains.

20. Their forever love faded. Strangers again.

19.I lost my smile, none bothered., misprinted pages of my life. came back. Only in dreams.

16. Tried to forget you. Failed again. more step, I’ll reach you.

14. You moved on like nothing happened.

13. You walked away. I waited there.

12. Her last hope dropped as tears.’re a one way road to me.

10. My only impossible dream is you.

9. “I have missed you”
” I know”

8. Music stopped. We continued to dance.

7. She not only loved his poems..

6. I miss you, the old you. 

5.your broken promise is all I’ve.

4. She said yes before he proposed.

3.leave me before I love you.

2. You might drown. My love’s deep. 

1. Today’s her birthday; flowers on grave.

     I enjoyed writing six word stories. I’ve written a Count down of six word stories according to my favorites. Which is your favourite?

My kind of love

Love that subsides only hangs by a thread

Love that grows is an inspiration

But my kind of love is different

It’s complicated

It neither grows nor subsides

I always love the same way

It’s the only way I know

To love till my heart aches

Till it can come close to surrender

But never is ready to accept the defeat

To love amidst the pain

Is the beauty of love

To love again and again 

Is my kind of love.