Why people gossip more in workplace?

Today I was wondering why some people gossip more and why some people don’t.

Also, gossiping has become common in workplace in day-to- day life.

Before getting dip into gossiping, let’s see some fun quotes on it.

Have you ever experienced this? It goes merry-go-round and comes back to your ears again.

What can I say about this? Sometimes, we would have got surprised by people coming and talking to us face to face as they had never done that before.

Just an addition to your vocabulary.

On a lighter note, we all know it’s highly impossible to stop people gossiping about us. Let’s try not to bother much.

Reasons why some people gossip more:

1. They like to talk more and have fun.

2. They like to know in depth about the other person to take advantage.

3. They are jealous.

4. They simply gossip as they don’t have any other better job to do.

5. They have lack of vision.

6. They do not know the value of time.

People who even hate gossiping, may have gossiped at one point or another. Let’s examine ourselves time to time and get rid of this habit if its beyond our control.

I have covered the points that crossed my mind . Have I missed out any?

Such a treat for sports fans

Copa America 2021

After failing to lift the Copa America title on three separate occasions, Lionel Messi’s Argentina has finally brought the title back home after 28 long years.

Wimbledon men’s singles finals:

Novak Djokovic will be eyeing 20th Grand Slam title, while Matteo Berrettini will be seeking his first title.

Wimbledon women’s singles 2021:

Ash Barty defeated Karolina Pliskova 6-3 6-7(4) 6-3 to become the first Australian woman to win the Wimbledon singles title for 41 years on Saturday when she defeated Czech Karolina Pliskova in the final

Euro Cup final 2021:

Is it coming home to London or going to Rome? This is the question that would be answered in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final when England and Italy clash at the historic Wembley Stadium to decide the next champion of Europe.


This post is a reply to the Six word story contest conducted by Shweta every saturday.

You are that favourite mistake I repeat.

I made a slight change to the poem I wrote lately. You are my favourite mistake that I keep making and there is another six word story born. Not that I’m lazy to write a new one, but it’s my favourite as well.

Click here to read the original post to know more about the 6WSP( Six word story prompt) and have fun participating.

I wrote a poetry book

I’m so excited to tell you my first poetry ebook is published on Amazon lately. Give it a read if you find some time and share your thoughts.

‘Leave me before I love you’ is available on Amazon now.

For readers in India: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0989SDYW2

For readers in other countries:

Go to amazon.com, choose the books and type the title of the book, you can find it.

How I wrote the book:

As always, the poems I wrote were my first thoughts. I have tried to bring in different emotions in different phases of love. No rhyme is forced, no line is forced.

If you are looking for an easy read, go for it.

Renew your heart

We all are flawed by nature. We find fault with others because we had already set frames and rules in which we travel. If anyone can’t abide by these rules, we keep them far apart. When we can accept our own faults including the embrassimg mistakes, we are not ready to forgive the minute mistakes of others.

Unforgiving attitude of ours has always been a part of life. We can overcome it only by understanding the significance of forgiveness.
Why should you forgive? Because you never know you might also commit the same mistake one day and ask for repentance. Everybody has their own reason for committing mistakes. Though committing a mistake is never a right thing, the thought behind the act varies from one person to another. Forgiveness is a way of heart expressing goodness. By forgiving others, the heart is renewed.

Renew your heart. Know your faults and let the goal be always to be a better person, to love without limitations, to help someone in need, and to spread smiles.
Renewing our heart should be a constant process. If we forget to do it, one day we might hate our own self. That day has its own fate. Let’s love ourselves and others by the simple act of renewing our hearts often.