A timeless photograph

You never know

What lies ahead of you

Until that moment arrives

Just a little peep out of the train’s window

Can dwelve you in nature’s delight

Keeping the camera aside

See for yourself

The eyes capturing the perfect megapixels

With the exact saturation of colours

You click

One timeless photograph in lifetime

You let in the breeze touch your face

And there you find happiness within a happy moment

One magical moment it was

You knew it right away.

Renew your heart

We all are flawed by nature. We find fault with others because we had already set frames and rules in which we travel. If anyone can’t abide by these rules, we keep them far apart. When we can accept our own faults including the embrassimg mistakes, we are not ready to forgive the minute mistakes of others.

Unforgiving attitude of ours has always been a part of life. We can overcome it only by understanding the significance of forgiveness.
Why should you forgive? Because you never know you might also commit the same mistake one day and ask for repentance. Everybody has their own reason for committing mistakes. Though committing a mistake is never a right thing, the thought behind the act varies from one person to another. Forgiveness is a way of heart expressing goodness. By forgiving others, the heart is renewed.

Renew your heart. Know your faults and let the goal be always to be a better person, to love without limitations, to help someone in need, and to spread smiles.
Renewing our heart should be a constant process. If we forget to do it, one day we might hate our own self. That day has its own fate. Let’s love ourselves and others by the simple act of renewing our hearts often.

Six word stories so far

30. You’re gone, mind confirmed. Heart refused.

29. Books or Roses? I choose both.

28.They’d special dinner. Beggar waited outside.

27. sometimes, everything is just a lie.  

26. My love proposal; I value you.

25. Message sent. Wish I could delete

24.first meet. Never felt like it.

23.I’d mistaken.you love only yourself.

22.you proved love hurts the most.

21.Distance seperated us. But love remains.

20. Their forever love faded. Strangers again.

19.I lost my smile, none bothered.

18.you, misprinted pages of my life.

17.you came back. Only in dreams.

16. Tried to forget you. Failed again.

15.one more step, I’ll reach you.

14. You moved on like nothing happened.

13. You walked away. I waited there.

12. Her last hope dropped as tears.

11.you’re a one way road to me.

10. My only impossible dream is you.

9. “I have missed you”
” I know”

8. Music stopped. We continued to dance.

7. She not only loved his poems..

6. I miss you, the old you. 

5.your broken promise is all I’ve.

4. She said yes before he proposed.

3.leave me before I love you.

2. You might drown. My love’s deep. 

1. Today’s her birthday; flowers on grave.

     I enjoyed writing six word stories. I’ve written a Count down of six word stories according to my favorites. Which is your favourite?