Short story# 1 little girl in the circus

The circus was all set up for the first show in the evening at 6.30 p.m . only a handful of spectators turned out to watch the show. With a loud music on, whole ambience came alive in a jiffy.

    Much to the surprise(call it a shock), first on stage is a little girl of nearly age 5. In a Red striped frock, she looked like a little angel. Tapping one leg after another she danced to perfection, at least to my eyes. But that’s not the only thing to admire about this little angel. 

      Her innocent smile sparkled along with the lights decorated all over. No one in the audience can know the dreams of the little girl that she holds safe in her heart. Her performance got over just the way it started, spreading smiles among the audience.

      It was interval time. She came near me carrying the packets of chips to sell for. I looked at her closely. Her soft brown eyes and chubby cheeks never gave an impression that she’s an outsider. 

” Do you go to school?”, I asked pulling her closely to me.

“Yes I do “, she nodded.

    At that moment, nothing more than that my ears yearned for.  She smiled again. With her Million dollar smile for one last time, she didn’t light up the atmosphere this time but an enduring hope in my heart. 

We exchanged smiles and goodbyes.

Tiny tales # 2 Eyes

He felt nervous to confess his love. He took her hand in his and kept close to his heartI love you. I love everything about your eyes, it’s a mystery to me.They say a million things.”

   He delved into her eyes searching for an answer.

But it’s all about the same thing. It’s about you”she spoke the language of her eyes.

Collection of six word stories

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How they left, it always stays.

She always smiles.Inside, she’s dying.

He could have waited. He didn’t.

You’re too near yet so far.

I can feel you slipping away.

I sometimes get tired acting strong.

He said goodbye. Her world crumbles.

It’s killing her. He didn’t care.