I hardly have ten minutes to reach office on time.Today the bus stop is crowded than usual.”How far is government hospital?”,a lady asked in a feeble voice.Her appearance startled me.she looked like she had not eaten for weeks.she was left with no energy.I looked away as I couldn’t see her sunken cheeks and hollow eyes for another second.

  “Can i go by walk?I don’t have money”,she said.Just then I realised my bus had crossed me.Before I could reply her I rushed into the moving bus without a second thought.

     I reached office on time but the whole day was different.All I had was a brand new costly watch but not a second to give her some penny,the cash in my purse lost it’s value.I could picture her waiting for someone who can afford her the ticket amount.

   When I returned home I looked in the mirror,I found nothing beautiful.Today I missed an opportunity to save someone’s life,an opportunity to become a better(beautiful) person.However, there’s always an another chance.we just have to see it.


48 thoughts on “A lOOK IN THE MIRROR

    1. Yes it is a similar situation.i like the line ‘is this the only game they play’ where we have all entertainment here.But their happiness lies in small things.they sure would have loved those candies.we can never be like them.we would lose our mind without money.thanks for the read and the link.

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  1. It happens many times to me also and then I feel so bad about it. But what to do, if your car/bus/train is moving and you have to jump on it.
    But Humanity means, stopping for just a while and helping the person and then going on. We should not find excuses but ensure to Help the Next Time.

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    1. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.i agree humanity comes first,everything comes next.no excuses whatsoever.i helped her to get on the bus and gave her the ticket amount.but i had extra cash which i did not think of that moment.that would have been a real help for her because she was terribly weak.


      1. Ohh sounds like a mutual admiration society is here…
        Haha just kidding..
        Definitely going to write more..hope you keep reading it..

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      2. Yes. if we admire the work of others we will be inspired to write better.sure there is a pleasure in both reading and writing.I admire your work..And I’m not kidding.☺.sure gonna read your blog..

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  2. A simple post yet so intense that it touches the heart and makes us realize that a helping hand to someone in need couldn’t stop the watch in any manner but yes, it would surely turn out the rest of our day with extreme peace and contentment within us.
    Keep going great! 👍:-D

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