Life of an orphan


        Photo credit:Nibin photography

I miss you
Every time I see a kiss of a mother
I’ll remember your goodnight kisses and bedtime stories
for I waited all day along.

I miss you
Every time she holds her child in her arms
I’ll remember you
firmly holding my tiny fingers in yours.

I miss you
Every time I burn my fingers learning to cook
Your home cooked food was best on earth
When I tasted not with my hands
but with yours.

I miss you every single day
I’m left on my own
I’ll remember the days
My dreams were your only dreams.

With you in my life,
I had everything I ever wanted.
without you in this world,
There’s no more reason to live
There’s no one to show me the feel of love.

I wish to see you again
Grave is not far away
I’m one step closer to you
With each coming night

You’re not gone till I breathe last
My love for you stands above all
I do not breathe air
I breathe you.


86 thoughts on “Life of an orphan

  1. Sis ..its so so so touching… Reading this made me to go back into my childhood days..after reading i saw the clock its just 1min passed but made me to feel like a decade.. Ever grown up men/women will love this..

    Liked by 1 person

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