Versatile blogger award


I’m so excited to receive my first award.Thank you twinkling words for nominating me.
It’s really an honour to receive it from you.your blog is one of my favourite blogs.

1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog. the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
(I skipped this as I wanted this to be a surprise.I’ll inform them in two days if they fail to read)
3.Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
4.share 7 facts about yourself.

Seven facts about me
1.I’m a straight forward person.I’m certainly not the right person to ask “how do I look in this dress?”
2.I love of my dreams is to meet my favourite cricketer.wish me good luck.
3.I’m a happy person.
4.without hot water I don’t take bath.
5.little things take a big place in my heart.
6.I want to learn swimming but the fear of water keeps me away from it.
7.Music to me is a basic need.

My nominations are

     She surprises you every time with something new,something a reader you can’t help falling in love with her writing.

2.Belle pans maze
         She writes only for the love of writing.Her passion for writing is what I envy most.

3.It’s the writing cafe
      This blog is a place where you’ll get humour in large doses.If you’re a fan of horror and thriller genres you must check this blog out.

4.It’s her story
        You’ll be confused if it’s her story or yours.Anyone who loves poetry can’t deny her writing.

       She writes gracefully with so much ease.
6.Deepika’s ramblings
     This blog is best suited for this award.

7.Accidental learnings
      I accidentally stumbled upon this blog.It was a beautiful accident indeed.

   You can feel the love everywhere around you when reading this blog.for the readers of romance genre you can stop reading this post know what to do.

         There is honesty in her writing.what more do you want?

10.Beautiful bizzare
       It’s a beautiful bizzare among the other blogs.Her paintings add a aesthetic touch to her writing.

       There is something I find interesting about this blog,something mysterious.Then I must be giving her the mystery blogger award but who cares?I already broke enough rules.

12.Elise by Elise
   we all love writing but it seems like writing had fallen in love with this writer.words flow naturally for this gifted writer.

13.shrieks of soul
     This blog has it’s own style.It’s like first you write for yourself then you write for others.

        The tiny tales in this blog will definitely bring a smile on your face.say cheese.yay that’s what I’m talking about.

15.Expressing wings
  I don’t think my words can do justice to her writing.I just failed here.
16.kiran Goswami
        It’s one of my favourite blogs.Just go ahead and press the follow button you’ll never regret.

17.Glimpse of darkness
     Last but not can find some rich piece of writing here.

Since I’m receiving my first award I thought of giving blogs their first awards.
It took me two days to write this post.It’s the toughest job I had ever done.I started with reading posts of many bloggers that I had not read before and ended with a huge list on my head.
Now I know why many blogs are award free.I need a break now,coffee break,kitkat break and one week break from wordpress.



90 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award

  1. There are so many cricketers I like.I just can’t put the list here.I played cricket in my college.may be that’s the reason for it.And thanks again for thinking I deserve this look good and stylish.

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  2. Huge congratulations on getting your first blogger award Jeni. May you get many more as you pursue your blogging experience ❤ Thank you again for popping by my blog; it means the world to me that you did so and took the time to read and appreciate some of my older posts too. I can’t help but seeing my blog in your list of nominated blogs. I am ever so touched and honoured to receive it from you. I can’t thank you enough for nominating me and showing me the way to happy blogging. It is quite exciting to find out a little more about you too and I hope to get to know you more through your blog too. I have only recently discovered it but as you know I am very fond of it already. I certainly couldn't live without music either and and little things means a big lot to me too. I wish your dream come true and you get to meet your most favourite cricketers. I wish I could show you that water is most friendly by nature too. Thanks again for your kindness and support. Looking forward to your new posts.

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    1. It’s my pleasure to nominate very well deserve write only for the love of writing,not for likes,comments or follows.I don’t know how many of us here can do that.Definitely not me.I would have stopped writing if I had not received some feedback.but you managed to write shows your personality,you’re a strong girl.keep going best wishes.I’m sorry.I missed reading your comment

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      1. Thank you so much for your kindness and support Jeni. It is very much appreciated. It has felt a little lonely at times and I am ever so glad to have met you and Twinklingwords. I am just beginning to discover the beauty of blogging thanks to you two. I wish I could nominate some blogs too but I am only beginning to discover some. Thanks a million Jeni

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  3. Oh I’m so sorry.I didn’t read your comment fully.I didn’t open your I missed reading it.I’m really sorry for that.what I read was just your two starting lines.😢


      1. It’s my pleasure to nominate a writer like you for the first time.I don’t think you’re are nominated soon,it’s already late considering your lovely piece of best wishes to you.

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  4. 😻😻😻Woho.. I’m nominated for an award..Yeahh!!💃
    So many congratulations Jeni.. And thnk u thnk u so much for nominating me.. You dont know how much I love awards 😁😁It was a indeed a surprise.. Nd proud to know that I’m in your favourites list 😅
    Wish you more and more success dear 💝

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  5. Congrats jeni and thanks a ton, you have always been kind and encouraging with your words to me..
    I am highly grateful to you, just wish could take part in this wholeheartedly, but unfortunately can’t due to my busy schedule, yet I will try, if though anyway failed to take part in it, please don’t mind.

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    1. You’re don’t have to thank me for this.It’s always my pleasure to read your posts and leave a do the same for me and I never thanked you for that😊it’s ok if you want to skip problem.

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  6. Thank you for nominating me Jeni! I’m really flattered that you enjoy my blog as much as I do yours 💖 I can’t live without music too! I do hope that you’ll overcome your fear of water one day soon though, as swimming is one of the most relaxing, therapeutic sports out there! 😊

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  7. Thanks a ton jeni! I am extremely sorry for the late response! Congratulations to you as well! I didn’t think I am worth this but bouts of thanks for igniting the confidence in me! I have less followers and I am an avid reader of just 2 or 3 max. I won’t be able to nominate 15😅…..

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    1. That’s not an can nominate 5 bloggers of your choice.many bloggers skip nominating others’s all your wish😊😊 And you can skip participation also.don’t tell me you’re not worth it because I had read yours😊😊

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