73 thoughts on “One-sided love

      1. Yes sir I agree with you.what if the wait is for life time.I know it’s impossible to forget the one you love but it is possible to move on.life goes on


      2. Maybe the wait would be for days, months or years if u have faith ull wait and someday you will receive the love u deserve trust me.

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  1. I see they way he looks at her, talk about her to me, and I can only wonder how beautiful it must be to have someone like him loving her, and I wish he knew that he is all I can think of, my mind can not escape from his thoughts
    And sometimes I find myself asking, is it worth it to tell him how I feel, is it worth our friendship?
    And there’s a voice inside that says; “don’t say anything, you may lose him forever.”
    That voice always wins.

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    1. Oh girl you have beautifully expressed your feelings.I think he will fall in love with you if he reads this.such a pain it is love to one sided.But if you’re sure that he loves another girl you don’t have a choice dear.just move on.

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    1. Even I’m completely clueless about one sided love.And I don’t know what to answer for people who have commented here.I did manage to answer themπŸ˜€I write about love and emotions because I can’t write horror like you😊😊

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