To my secret friend


You told me you and I
Can’t be friends
At first I thought
Are you kidding me?
No you were real
You asked me to really move on

I was sure that you’ll not leave me
But I was wrong
In a second you threw me like a paper
Yes I fought with you
Yes I was rude
Yes I did tell you to stop texting
Didn’t you know that I was just playing?

You’re telling me I demand more from you
Friendship is the only relationship without expectations
I expected nothing from you when I shared my story with you
I expected nothing but friendship from you

I’ll give you anything you want
If only leaving me can give you real happiness
Just leave
Just leave,I won’t stop you

Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for taking my sorry lightly
Thank you for making me shed some tears
For my stone heart stood strong amidst all the pain
You gave a new life to it
By making your presence felt

I’ll carry on,I’ll move on
Wishing you all the happiness in life

(Dear readers,thank you for all the support you gave me.wishing you all success and happy life)


66 thoughts on “To my secret friend

  1. Hey Jeni, does writing here gives you any happiness? If it does, no person is worth so much to take this happiness from you, NO ONE. It’s your hard work that has got you here, don’t let them take it away from you.
    Still I as an ardent reader of your work would say, whatever you do we support you, take time off, come back or don’t, we would still be here for you❀
    Best wishes, hope you feel better soon. A genuine person like you would find a million more friends. ☺

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    1. Thank you sha.I’m richly blessed with friends but I just don’t want to miss any friend because of misunderstanding.But It was my friend’s decision and I respect that.
      I had already told you I don’t feel blogging as a real world.that’s the reason I’m leaving.
      And thank you so much for the support you gave.aww you gave me an award best wishes to you and if not as a blogger then I”ll be reading your blog as a reader.

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      1. Glad to hear you are blessed in that sense. Anyway, it hurts any way, so I hope things become better for you soon.
        And yes, you even mentioned in the post, lol never mind then. I think we should be where we identify ourselves more.
        Haha yes I did because you deserved it. Also so sweet of you to say, you’d still be reading my work. I will miss your work. Anyway, my best wishes to you once again dear JeniπŸ˜€πŸ˜„

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      2. (Though I’m not proud of it) I’ve been rude too, circumstances and the person you’re dealing with are to be blamed for that, besides no one’s perfect. No I’m not reading it again, it was a painful read. I only wish you get your happy spirit back soon. Also, I don’t want to bother you now but I had try to persuade you from not leaving but I’m letting it go because like you, I would also let my friend do whatever makes her happy πŸ˜„! I’m sure you need some peace time now, so won’t eat your head now!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. Hey Jeni, why are you leaving us? I can understand that sometimes we really don’t feel like this. Even I am going through that phase where I don’t feel like writing right now.. mostly I don’t feel like anything is going on right..And that’s why I couldn’t even gather enough energy to write about that award..I didn’t even say how much it meant to me that you showed me such love.. and you are already leaving?? If you don’t feel like writing don’t do it dear but don’t leave..

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  3. If that is what gives you happiness I wish you luck with my broken heart! Your presence will definitely leave an empty space in all our blogs, just like you’ve portrayed in this piece of writing!
    Your sparkly cuddly bubbly appearance will be missed greatly!
    Time will heal your warm little heart sweetheart! Stay strong!

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    1. Hey moon! I was expecting a message from I can happily leave this blog.your blog is one in a well you portray good things that’s disguised in your dark writings.not many can do that,I must say only you can do best wishes.I’m all good.thank you for everything.take care

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      1. The voices in my head keep telling me to scream out and make you stay, but I know you gotta do what you gotta do!

        And I also know you have the choice to come back when you miss us!
        Much love Jen!
        Will miss you greatly!

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  4. So sorry to see you leaving Jeni. It has been great knowing you. You and your most beautiful blog will be missed. I hope writing will somehow tag along with you for you truly write beautifully. Wishing you all the very best in your journey.

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  5. Hey , please don’t let anyone ruin your happiness . Life is above all this . And this is not just a virtual world . Here you will get to speak a hell lot of things , about which you can’t share with a person in general . And here you will also realize that there are so many people who faces such problems but still hold a positive attitude towards everything . So I suggest you don’t quit your passion and carry on with your life as it was . Because things do take time. πŸ˜„ And stay strong .

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  6. Hi Jeni.. If by any chance you read this, please don’t let anyone change or break you. If blogging is something you no longer enjoy, I’d encourage you to take a break, however long that may be. I sincerely hope that if blogging is something you’re meant to do, you’ll find your way back here. Though the time I spent reading your posts was short, I enjoyed every moment of it.. Really. Writing is an aspect that I think you’re talented in. Nonetheless, I wish you all the best in whatever you set out to do from here on out. I’ll miss you 😭❀️

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  7. Your poem depicted the emotions quite well, but sadly it probably holds some chunk of the reason which made you leave this platform.
    But as I don’t know you personally, I cannot suggest you anything, which anyhow isn’t something you have asked for either. So, all the very best, Jeni, and I hope you grow up into a stronger and wiser lady. πŸ™‚

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      1. You know what?there should be darkness only in your writings, not in your life. And if I could brighten your day by my ordinary posts,I decided to come back for you. don’t walk away moon. I love moon more than sun

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  8. Oops, Pardon me for that comment o the previous post, I was expecting somethings happening and this post just gives it away. I rather not do the same mistake of rushing into a comment here before reading more of your future posts. But since there are many more recent posts on this blog, I can safely assume you stayed and I’m so so glad that you did. Your posts do lighten up the mood or make me smile when times its most needed

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  9. It was beautiful😒 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒJust want to tell you one thing Jeni dear. Life is short. Do what makes you happy. These are just words I know. But while worrying about future, don’t spoil your present. Write for yourself, whenever you want. It’s your decision. But chose wisely. 😘

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