Loving sister

Hold my hand,

Take me anywhere

I’m not gonna ask you where and why

Because you’re here,

I know I’m in safe hands!

Because you’re here,

I feel like a princess!

Because you’re here,

To take care like a mother!

Because you’re here,

I’m ready to walk miles

Not only today

But the rest of my life.

48 thoughts on “Loving sister

  1. ❀❀ Sisters share an inexplicable bond that streches when they’re fighting and pulls them back through their love towards each other. Your deep and touching post also reflected them same. So pure are your wordsβ€β€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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      1. Hey Jeni, so kind of you to say that. Yes, I’m very caught up. I hardly get time and whenever I get some, I’m so tired that I spend much in making spelling mistakes! Thanks though, your message sort of pushed me to publish the article, I just did. Thank you😘 and I miss you too and this awesome place!

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