Women’s day

To all the women in my life,my mother,sisters and friends

You are my happiness;

You’re my strength in weakness

You owe me and I owe you,

You make my life so beautiful!

 Happy women’s day to all lovely women out there. Let’s celebrate the day with a reason 

What is that one thing you like most being a woman?


39 thoughts on “Women’s day

  1. That was so beautiful and emotional dear Jeni, we cherish you as much. Happy Women’s Day☺
    I think for me it would be sensibility, gentleness, sensitivity and caring part, perhaps because a lot of times in the face of harsh problems, your gentleness and sensitivity can help a person feel better.
    I mean many guys are like that too but because of patriarchy etc, they don’t easily show that.
    What about you?

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  2. She is
    Who that brings life
    From her glitter in her eyes
    From smile she effortlessly dress on others
    She is
    Who that brings life
    She should be
    For her being
    Today and
    Every day

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  3. Jeni please don’t think i am saying this because i am a male.In my opinion being a mother is the greatest gift god has blessed a women with.
    Happy Women’s Day πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve missed to reply the last few comments on 2 or 3 of my previous posts.. I’m sure you’re comments are amongst them!
        – I usually go on an unreplied comment hunt on the weekends and will get there soon! Thanks luv! 😘

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