Without love

I know you’ll think of me;

Precisely keep thinking of me

You’ll no longer be receiving my calls;

You’ll miss my random texts

My memories will keep visiting you,

Even if you try to stay away

Such thoughts are indelible;

Deeply etched in your mind!

You would think of forgiving me

To give me one last chance

You’ll long for love which once you got without asking for;

Now you’ll go around begging for the same love

But I won’t be there to hold you in my heart

As my heart stopped it’s beating

Now you would want to give yourself a second chance,

But it’s too late.

I tell you don’t beg for love,

It’s not worth it

Don’t make anyone beg for it too,

You’re not worth it

If you can’t love,

There is no use in yearning for fervent love

Curse yourself,

And your life.

Without love,

You’re only a mere stone on the abandoned place

The second you forget to inhale the oxygen,

You’ll be long-forgotten.


76 thoughts on “Without love

      1. Yeah its our mind which sometimes wanders in wrong direction…though I haven’t gone through this I feel true love requires equal reciprocation from both the sides …correct me if I am wrong

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      2. You’re not wrong. You’re absolutely right. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Peep into eyes and know each other’s love. I guess I gave the right answer for your question. Btw I loved that post of yours..peep into my eyes.

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      3. Ohh that’s so sweet of you dear sister Jeni. ..thanks a lot …you write so wonderfully…feeling nice to be connected with you …what’s the name of your nation?

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      4. Yeah …but you asked in one of your posts what I’ll do if I get a free time. It was difficult to choose as you gave some lovely options. you’re a Lover of nature. give us more posts like that.

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      1. Nothing serious. I think the bus driver was new to driving. He was practising I guess and while practising he hit once in the lorry. Nothing happened. But for so many times he brought us close to god.😊😊😊 I remember one man next to us kept on saying something😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually it’s not a romance story per se. I mean, it’s not a romance at all🙈 it’s just something I wrote about my high-school best friend. But thanks a lot for the feedback!

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