Tiny tales # 2 Eyes

He felt nervous to confess his love. He took her hand in his and kept close to his heartI love you. I love everything about your eyes, it’s a mystery to me.They say a million things.”

   He delved into her eyes searching for an answer.

But it’s all about the same thing. It’s about you”she spoke the language of her eyes.


60 thoughts on “Tiny tales # 2 Eyes

      1. I checked your blog for more than …times(I don’t remember the exact no) ,only to find out you haven’t replied yet. I also know I’ll get a notification if you comment.

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      2. When you commented I got a call.. and I usually need alone time to reply to comments! It has to be special.. I don’t like to just say thank you for the sake of saying it! I’m sorry I kept u waiting sweetie..

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      3. No probs.😊😊I don’t need any extra special comments from you. Your comment is more than enough as you yourself are extra special to me. You know I came back here because of you.

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