Six word story# 9

One more step , I’ll reach you.


68 thoughts on “Six word story# 9

      1. I’m doing good Mihir. I’m waiting to read. You won’t believe I thought of you after a long time.And the next day you’re commenting here.


      2. That’s so nice of you. I took a calculated break, there’s nothing much to think about that. And yup, I’m reading your posts after a long time. It feels fresh again πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. Haha, but you know I literally spoil every poem I write!!! And these one liners are too tough, because I find it too hard to convey my feeling in such a few words.
        Thanks for the smile that you brought with your comment!! 😊😊😊

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      2. I love your poems harsh. Sometimes it’s better than your stories. You find it hard because you haven’t tried it yet. And you are called a writer only if you publish a book.
        These six word stories prove nothing that you’re writer but it’s so much fun to write. 😊😊

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      3. Now I am fueled up to write something like this, haha… Thank you so much. I have always wanted to thank you for your input in my first draft. Your suggestions made me relate to may characters more. Even though you advised me with the point of view of a reader, but it made me realize that true characters are the ones who have their independent mind and decision, not what writer forces them to do.

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      4. Good luck harsh. My support is always there for you. I’ll read the rest of the story asap and will send you the feedback. Each character has to be unique and your story is written in the same way.

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      5. I stopped posting it on my blog. I just wanted to reach 20k online so that I get motivated enough to complete the whole damn book.
        And know what, I have completed the half of my first draft!!

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      6. You’ll complete the whole book soon and I don’t think you need a motivation factor. That’s a very big surprise. I know you stopped writing blue watery eyes but I haven’t completed what you have written here.

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  1. I am just in love with the way you write. Only six words and such powerful message. Totally inspired. Glad that i came across your blog.
    I would really appreciate if u check my blog and if u like it feel free to follow back.
    Thank u

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      1. I thnk I will hav to go for CBI or NIA investigation to know the elaboration of G.J ha ha….n ya it’s 11:30 here in india…

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      2. I hv seen people using deir father’s name but not mother’s name…hope u dnt hv ny offence of my previous comnt…m really vry impressed and glad about ur name…

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