Six word story #11

I lost my smile, none bothered.


82 thoughts on “Six word story #11

    1. Omg…where do you get all this? You seem to think positive all the time. And you think out of the box which I admire most. And that ‘one’ is always you, to bring smiles. 😊😊

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      1. Ha ha.. now you made me smile in this cool morning. Seems sun is playing hide and seek with clouds.
        Between it’s not about being positive or negative, and obviously I have my down moments too. Ups and downs are a part of our life. It’s ones perspective towards life that’s accountable.

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      1. Yes when you read poems and stories, you get inspired to write. There is so much of inspiration here in WordPress. Hope you find out the inner talent that’s hidden. My best wishes. Btw I love your recipes too.

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  1. That’s the intimate truth.. our smiles and unanswered cried often go unnoticed.. you will still have at least one of us whod bother. We’d find the lost smile and put it back on your pretty face!

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