Tiny tales #3

You’re the sweet melody of my life,

A song on the repeat mode!

My ringtone was changed,

Damn! Radio played the same song.


64 thoughts on “Tiny tales #3

      1. Your first question is Sometimes I am loved, Usually by the young. Other times I am dreaded, Mostly by the old ones.Everyone has to face me even if you don’t want it To happen.

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      2. Yeah…πŸ‘your next question is The King of Moghul have tied you on the tree heads down for having an affair with his daughter. The other end of the rope has been anchored on the ground below which a candle is lit that is slowly burning away the rope. A cannibal lion has been left loose in the scenario that is waiting for you to drop down so he can eat you up.
        But there is a way through which you can survive the situation.

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      1. Ha ha, you’re too funny. I tried to write something sad. But these four lines was there for many days on my mobile. So I posted it today. And many took it as a happy story..😁😁

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      2. Readers interpret the story the way they like. That’s the good thing about six word stories and tiny tales. And that’s how I write also. Leaving it to the readers, because they think better than me😊😊..if you find it funny, let it be.

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      3. Diplomatic 😁😁 that’s not me at all.. I told you I wanted to write something sad..like he was my melody..and then we broke up, my ringtone was changed. But radio played the same song. it was written long back..I didn’t edit..I know readers will think in different perspective

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  1. This was painful and hilarious at the same time.. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to get over someone, the most random things open the gates to let in those long lost forever hidden memories to gush back in!

    Beautifully written!

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