Sports zone # 1 Interview with cricketer

Hemalatha Dayalan is a dedicated and a promising player of Tamil nadu cricket team who has represented INDIA RED and SOUTH ZONE. 

  Hemalatha is a right-handed batsman and a right arm off break bowler.  She not only scores big with the bat but also has proven her expertise at fielding which  is her forte. The sharp catches she takes in slips looks easy on the eye and her effortless dives saves runs drastically which in turn boosts up her team.

She shares her cricket journey with a cool attitude.

Cricket is considered as a men’s sport. When and how did you choose cricket?

    I played many games such as football, hockey, kabbadi, tennis, etc. But cricket is where my heart lies.  It was during college I decided to play professional cricket. Before that I only played street cricket with boys. I had no clue about women’s cricket.

What quality do you think makes you stand out from the other players?

    Winning is my goal. I always push myself to win the game for my team without giving up till the last ball is bowled. More importantly, I give it all in the ground which I believe is my biggest strength.

What’s your best innings so far?

   My best innings is 152 against hydrebad this year. When I entered the crease, I was doubful If I can perform well. I never thought I would make it to 150 but things turned around. It’s my first century and a memorable one.

Tell us about playing for INDIA RED under Harmanpreet Kaur.

   Playing under the captaincy of Haranpreet kaur was a memorable and a learning experience. ‘Giving up’ is a term that doesn’t exist in her dictionary. Even if all the 10 players in the team are down in confidence, she can single handledly lift the morale of the team with her flamboyant personality.

How do you prepare yourself before a match?

   Mental strength is more important in cricket. Once I couldn’t perform well in the match as I wasn’t mentally prepared. But now I have changed my approach. I ensure I stay calm and stress free before the match.

Are you a aggressive player or a defensive player?

   My batting style was more aggressive in the beginning of my career. But now I have learnt to strike the ball gently and stay calm at the crease.This approach has helped me perform on a consistent basis.

Have you ever faced any difficulties in your career? 

   I met with a bike accident in the year 2015. Doctor had advised me to take a break from cricket for 2 years. It was the difficult phase of my cricket career.After a year I bounced back. All my previous performances vanished into thin air and I had to start from the scratch to prove my worth again.

Have you ever thought of quitting cricket at any point? 

  ” It’s more than impossible for me to give up cricket. In fact I can’t even imagine doing so”, the passion in her eyes said it all. Indeed it divulged her mind more than her  words could ever tell. 

What’s the drawback in women’s cricket? 

    The main drawback I see in women’s cricket is lack of job opportunities and sponshorship. And also, matches and tournaments are not held on regular basis. 

When do you think women’s cricket can become popular as men’s cricket?

    Women’s cricket is getting popular in our country after the 20-20 world cup and Asia cup. Number of girls who are taking up cricket as a career is also increasing gradually. Diana Edulji, former cricketer, is working hard in the panel Committee of BCCI for women’s cricket to get all the required recognition.

Who’s your pillar of strength?

    My parents have always been supportive and I owe my success to them. My coach Peter Fernandes has worked on my batting skills and brought out the best in me.

What’s your dream and how are you working towards it?

    My ultimate dream is to play for the country. Right now, I’m zeroing in my consistency in batting.

Do you think our Indian women’s team can lift up the world cup this time?

    It was a narrow miss  in the 20 -20 world cup last time. But this time, I’m positive they will leave no stone unturned to lift the world cup. 

Rapid fire

Batting or bowling?     Batting

Fours or sixes?               Fours

Favourite shot?             Cover drive

Favourite player?           Adam Gilchrist

Secret wish                       to play with                                                          Mithali Raj

Best thing you learnt     Discipline
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  2. It was a very good and nice experience 1st I gotta know about Hemalatha and 2nd the target of this interview to encourage female cricket was also very thoughtful you did made me think about how important female cricket is for upbringing of our society. Amazing job with this interview.

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