Six word story winners

       Thank you for all the participants who eagerly participated in the six word story competition. I also thank the readers who voted for their favourite six word stories.

     But some of the stories went unnoticed because of the late I have decided to pick winners considering the number of votes as well as my favourite entries. But this time I have taken only the votes into consideration.  

The winners are

1.sampritidasblog with the story Love:The want of every human

2. Orange for her six word story                 It was lust concealed in love.

3.W is for duck for his story 
We left.I died.


The witty award

      Many of you anticipately participated in the Riddles competition. I hope you all had fun. Thanks to Harsh for starting this competition. Winners can put the logo on their blogs and continue playing the game with other bloggers.


The award goes to 


2.Samita Shrestha

3.Mehul Singla


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