Be my friend

You and me,

Together we will live our lives without the lies

I’ll giggle for the silly jokes you make

I’ll bury your secrets deep down the corners of earth

I’ll love you like a lover

I’ll hug you like I hug a pillow

I’ll put back the lost smile on your face

I’ll ask for their blood who asked for your tears

I’ll be your shooting star granting all your wishes

Before that, grant my only wish

Slowly, I blew the Dandelion flower

And made a wish!

‘Be my friend’

Leaves dispersed

My dreams were ended

Without a friend.


84 thoughts on “Be my friend

      1. I love your writing as’s sad that I can’t comment there..your post on death is interesting to read..loved the ending..I wish to be reborn again.. the poem on sunset was just magical..loved the way it’s have painted a beautiful sun there with words.

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      2. Thank you, it means a lot! And the death’s lullaby is actually written by a fellow writer who posts on The Honest Fabler. Not me.😊
        And you can comment by opening the post in browser, WordPress doesn’t support commenting on a self-hosted websites, apparently.

        Liked by 1 person

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