If I had known


If I had known you would leave me when I least expected,

I would have prepared for the unexpected

If I had known how to love you less,

My heart would have sobbed less

If I had known how to make you stay,

My tears would have stopped that day

If I had known to live without you,

I would have let go of you without the pain.


84 thoughts on “If I had known

  1. Hi, I feel better to let go and undergo pain now then cry for years to come.. Its difficult. It took me 2 years to stop crying but… Letting go leads to possibilities of a better future

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    1. That’s true..you shouldn’t have cried for 2 yrs..that’s a long time..Anyway happy to hear you had let it go..πŸ‘πŸ‘ and I don’t write anything personal on my blog, they are random thoughts mostly..sometimes I write from the experience.

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      1. My relationship had lasted for a decade 10years so pain also lasts. Crying for 2 years doesn’t mean 24*7 crying, but pain of the past lasted so long till new possibilities opened up. But luckily I am still best friends with my ex. So I lost my mate but go a best friend instead… Life happens and we move on.
        Random thoughts are good.. We assume u have written out of experience, so we comment on our experience.. Great post

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  2. The repetition of the phrase “If I’d known” is what makes this poem so beautiful and heart touching!! Because at the end we are only left “If I’d known” this wouldn’t have happened!
    I hope it’s a fictional piece and you are smiling wide!! 😊😊

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      1. It’s alright. Commenting is not mandatory but according to me and what I have learnt from experienced bloggers we should try to leave a feedback after visiting someone’s blog as it shows that you have given your valuable time analysing and reading others creative work.
        I have seen many just visit and like numbers of post at a time even without noticing it.
        So I try to avoid it. Though I use less of WordPress but whenever I, try to spend a quality time.

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  3. Leaving out the background story.. this is such a powerful poem with a raw punch of regret, pain.. and confusion!

    Taking the background story into consideration.. It’s like trying to hug a cactus and being hurt. The fire shall never know the joy of the first snow flake lol ..I dun even know what I’m writing.playing with the thorns and the fire will only burn the sparkles in your heart.

    Much love..
    ~ Chaos-xd 😏✌

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment..loved all the phrases. Especially the fire shall never know the joy of snow flake ..you’re effortlessly awesome..now I don’t know what I’m writing..Thanks again, moon..pretty princess 😊😊

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