Six word story #29

 I miss you,the old you.


27 thoughts on “Six word story #29

      1. I first read a story as short as that (not 6 words but very short) on posts by Terribly Tiny Tales. And very soon, I started writing my own Tiny Tales and I love creating an entire world in but a few words…

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      2. I have come across a few scribbled stories too, yes. I do like them as well! There is such a wealth of writers out there that really just need a platform! It’s so inspiring to read their works…, Including yours πŸ™‚

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      3. Hey that’s a wonderful idea! I’d love to collaborate with you over these short tales. How about pick a theme and write a chain of short tales (either 6 word or a bit longer like I do) as a chain such that we do alternate ones and each one stands by itself but together they make a longer story? You think it’s doable?
        Or do you have alternate ideas for a collaboration?

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