Tiny tales # 8 Mysterious eyes

 If I could never stop looking into your eyes,

If I could never stop venturing to read your mind,

If I could never get a hint of boredom,

If I could never fail to feel the heat of love,

Aren’t you my favourite book?

You’re the only book I’ll never finish reading.

70 thoughts on “Tiny tales # 8 Mysterious eyes

      1. Yeah, in progress… But the whole fantasy world is a little heavy, that’s why I took something lighter along the way so that even though I don’t write in my project, I keep writing something else that I also like. πŸ™‚

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      2. Even I feel that I shouldn’t abandon them completely… Thanks for the advice Di! After Exams, I will take that forward, I promise… Because literally I’ve come a half way, you’re true… I shouldn’t lose my focus…

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      3. You shouln’t fall a prey to appreciation in wordpress. Sometimes, they are needed to cheer you up and for an encouragement. But the real happiness lies in publishing a book, becoming a author which I think you’re already blessed with. I’m working on trying to write more. But you have all that in you. That’s why I’m pushing you harder.

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      4. You’ll surely do that once you weave a story that only you can tell! When you read a book, or see a movie and you feel like I should have written it the other way, then dooo it!!!! I have so many stupid short stories in my folder, but that took me here… So yes, all the best for writing lengthy things!!!

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