Six word story #21

First meet. Never felt like it.


My love for you

I need you

Life was so much better with you

I just realized I love you more than before

My heart always wants you

I want to love you less

But I’m a complete failure

My heart always finds ways to come back to you

I loved the amazing feeling when you were with me

Can’t let you go for anybody

My love for you is like child’s love

I’m adamant when it comes to you

I miss you

Seeing you in somebody’s arms

Jealously plays a long, not out innings 

I feel your presence

I’m searching for you

You were no where to be found

It’s my fate I can’t find you

But I’m not giving up

I will find ways to reach you

My dear Dairy milk, I’m coming for you.

Miss me, close your eyes

Kiss me, close your eyes

I can read your lips

On your fingertips

I can feel your smile

Come on my smile

And happiness in your eyes.