My kind of love

Love that subsides only hangs by a thread

Love that grows is an inspiration

But my kind of love is different

It’s complicated

It neither grows nor subsides

I always love the same way

It’s the only way I know

To love till my heart aches

Till it can come close to surrender

But never is ready to accept the defeat

To love amidst the pain

Is the beauty of love

To love again and again 

Is my kind of love.

Guest post #2

I’m happy to introduce this week’s guest Irene to all the readers. She writes more of snippets in her blog  soul search by Irene. Her positive attitude is rapidly contagious that it could consume your mind with positivity.

Who’s your favourite author and which one is your favourite book?

My fav author is Paulo Coelho. My favourite books are The Alchemist and who will cry when you die.

What’s your blog about?
I provoke the thoughts that have impact on me, in written format. It’s all about living, loving and spreading positivity. 

What can readers expect from your blog?

I write snippets and short stories mainly on love.

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

I get inspiration from so many things sometimes it’s from the book I read, sometimes it’s from the happenings that are taking place that are taking place around me.

What do you like about writing the most?

As a writer, we can make the reader to escape to the non-existent and also you can portray the reality as such. That’s what I like the most about writing.

Have you learnt anything through blogging?
Every time when I write or read in a blog, I wonder how people can portray things this beautifully. It paves you a way to know about the thoughts of the people who are around the world. Sometimes you connect and sometimes you learn new things.

Do you like or dislike surprises?
It’s a neutral feeling for me. If I don’t receive any surprises I’m very much okay with it and When someone surprises me, I feel happy and special. for me it’s not the present that matters,it’s about the efforts that they put to make me smile and happy is all matters. 

What makes you smile?
A child’s smile and  I celebrate life and find happiness in every possible way.

What rating will you give your blog as a reader?

I would give 6 on 10, I know I’m an average writer and I must think out of the box & write a quality content in my blog.

How many times in a day you look in the mirror?
May be twice a day.

         Her post on what hurts more than a break up is one such example of her matured thoughts.

What hurts more than a break up?? someone asked me,

I said..

The parent who unfortunately got to carry their child’s dead body to the grave.

A woman who lost her identity – (An Acid attack survivor).

The rape victim – when the society sees her with a different perspective.

The poor children on the streets who don’t get food to feed his/her tiny stomach.

The martyred husband taken as a dead body to the wife.

An orphan who sees other kids with their parents.

And lots more..

Do you still think break up hurts more than all of this?

Any pen pals there?

I love writing and receiving letters. But my mistake was I chose wrong people to be my pen pals, my friends.

Some of them read the letters and replies in whatsapp. Over smart friends.

And some like, ” I kept it somewhere safely but forgot the safe place”.

And a few like, “I wrote the reply long back but there is no time to post it”.

At last,only one friend replies regularly.

So if you have the habit of writing letters and interested in connecting with me, let’s be pen pals. 



Life is like Temple Run

You think you’re controlling it, but not really

You think it’s completely autoprogrammed, but not really

You think you can decide the course peeping at short-sighted fortunes,

Not really

Take it as it comes,

You don’t have to take the best decisions;

Decide and make it the best!

Writer- Anonymous

Blog anniversary

 I thank you all 

for reading my work

for spending an extra minute to share your thoughts

for the constructive criticism

for instilling the hope that I can also write

for helping me find my passion

for everything you are!

I may not be able to return the favour but I’m truly grateful for it. 

WordPress has also given me friends for life time which I never imagined. Words have so much power that it can connect people who are miles apart. Keep writing, keep sharing.