A and E competition

There are so many competitions here on wordpress, almost everyone conducts one. So I’ve decided to start one on my own. Let’s have more fun.

What’s A and E competition? Anything and everything in writing. This month I’m starting with a six word stories.


1. I will be giving you a prompt every 10th of the month and will be announcing the winners on 20 th of the month.

2. All you have to do is type your micro fiction in the comment section.

3.Give likes for your favourite stories which will be considered as  votes.

     This month’s six word story prompt is ‘love

Let’s have more fun.



26 thoughts on “A and E competition

  1. A chimera is a Greek character that breathes fire but lures men to fall in love with them…. But that’s the classical explanation. Nowadays it just means something that is a fantasy, and illusion. Something that seems like it can be achieved but never will be.

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